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Met Police Report on the Self Evident App

"Since launch Self Evident has succeeded in:

  • Becoming the leading, most practical crime reporting app on Android & Apple
  • Crucially assisting the public & Police to capture & exhibit evidence with ease
  • Saving Police time & reducing the barrier to reporting by creating a solution to the digital incapability of Police services
  • Allowing for better triaging of reports entering Police systems
  • Being recognised by the CPS as a secure & legitimate evidence provider
  • Providing Police officers evidence required to arrest & charge suspects
  • Securing convictions at court, based on evidence gathered on Self Evident"

Read the full MPS Report here.

Despite its proven value, the Met Police has said it is not prepared to help meet the costs of the App and Service, as explained here. Since this decision is now being questioned by a number of MPs we will continue to run this public service at our own expense until the Summer.  We hope public funds can then be provided to enable this public service to continue to help police officers, victims and witnesses work together to reduce crime.


The Self Evident app can help you dissolve disputes, prove an insurance claim and win a legal case.

***** Repeatedly rated a top app.*****

With over 27,000 registered users, welcome to the future. Get yours now.

The app, which was originally designed to cut crime

  • independently stores and corroborates the reliability of photos, videos and audio records,
  • helps you make or take a witness statement or record what happened when the events are fresh in your mind,
  • offers one touch options (i) to secure your report in your account, (ii) to send it to your insurer, estate agent, landlord, local authority, lawyer or to file a news story or blow the whistle, and (iii) to report a crime straight to the police. 

You can also attach evidence recorded outside the app, e.g. on a camera, CCTV or phone. Read more...

The image below gives you an idea of what a report with validated evidence looks like when it is saved in your account or sent to a third party.  In this illustration the app is used to record the condition of a flat just rented so there's validated evidence to ensure the user can get his deposit back.

Simplify Life with Self Evident

Simplify your life

You can also use the Self Evident app to raise a concern at work, to notify an insurer about a new treasured purchase, to photograph the scene of a car accident, to record the damage caused by a leaking roof or the effects of an injury or the progress of recovery, or to collect evidence about a workplace dispute.

The android version has been designed primarily as a crime reporting app, while the iPhone version has additional features making it more suitable for professional use.  Both apps let you file a report for work, notify an adviser or business of a claim, report a crime to the police, send the media a news story or just secure the evidence in your private account.

The Self Evident app is a simple, secure and smart way to prove anything that matters.

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