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The App and Service are Presently Suspended

This is due to a decision by the Police. To find out more, click here.

If you are unhappy with this, please email your MP.

The Self Evident app is the smart way to report hate crime to the police and get support.

Report Crime with Self EvidentYou can show when and where you were and attach photos

Its really helpful you can describe the event and capture the emotion of what happened

It gives you confidence. It’s almost like having a witness with you


***** Repeatedly rated a top app.*****

In London, the Self Evident app now has enhanced features for hate crime, brought to you by the Mayor of London and MOPAC and welcomed by the Met.

Self Evident is a convenient and effective way for people and the police in London to tackle hate crime. With over 27,000 registered users already and in successful use every day, the free app is ideal to have on your phone.  Get yours now.

Whether it's race hate, religious hate, disability hate or gay hate, the app is your witness. You can also easily log anti-semetic and anti-muslim hate.

The app puts you in control by letting you
  • collect legally sound evidence of the hate crime,
  • record a reliable statement about what happened,
  • attach photo and video evidence,
  • build a digital diary
  • send a report to the police from your smartphone,
  • or access support services from the Community Security Trust, Galop, Tell Mama, The Monitoring Group and Victim Support.


The app particularly helps the police identify and support repeat and vulnerable victims. A new hate crime feature requested by The Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime in London and the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner includes third party reporting. When welcoming this feature as mayor, Boris Johnson said the app "will help increase reporting even further, boosting confidence, reducing repeat offences and helping victims get the support they need".

Watch this Police video on how easy the app is to use:

Click here to watch the ITV News report on the launch of the app's hate crime services.

Click here to watch the BBC News feature on the app.


As a means to report non-emergency crime, the Self Evident app is not only free but also better.  Click here to read how the police will respond to your report.

The image below shows a Self Evident report of hate crime with validated evidence. This is how reports and evidence appear and are managed in users' accounts and also how police access the crime report and evidence.

Report Hate Crime with Self Evident

It’s a simple, secure and smart way for victims, witnesses and the police to turn the tables on hate.

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